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Job Description

If you are scientifically-minded with an accomplished sales record, a job in Biotechnology sales could be perfect for you!

Biotechnology / Biotech Sales Jobs

Biotechnology may be one of the most challenging and rewarding sectors in which to develop a business development or sales career. Biotech companies look to develop better medicines, crops, consumer products and industrial processes and are often at the cutting edge of science. This means that the biotech sales professional must be able to stay up to date with all the latest scientific research and trends in their fields. The biotechnology Sales Representative will often be the main point of contact between the company and the client. These clients often operate in ethical industries where the biotech Sales Rep must be able to demonstrate an ability to conduct business in the proper manner.

Succeeding in Biotech Sales

Customers in the biotechnology sector will often be extremely well educated and professional and it is vital that the biotechnology sales professional is able to form trusted relationships at this level. This will involve a degree of personal credibility and gravitas not often matched in other industries. In such a technical and sophisticated environment, most employers will look for a degree level education, preferably in Life Sciences. This is also a sales role, however, and a demonstrable record of success in sales will be beneficial. Successful biotech sales people will have excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, and be able to present at a high level. The ability to manage an existing customer base while prospecting for and qualifying new clients means that you should also be extremely well organised and a self starter.

Career Prospects

The biotechnology sector never stands still and constant new developments mean fresh opportunities arrive regularly. Healthcare legislation and goals also develop in relation to government policy and this in turn creates new challenges for the healthcare industry, which often result in new products being developed. An ageing population and the desire for a longer and healthier life also mean a constant stream of new products arriving on the market. Outwith the health sector, constant innovation drives companies to develop new food and crop technologies to cope with increasing populations. This innovation also results in a steady stream of new consumer products and better bio-manufacturing processes. All of these factors lead to a buoyant and growing market. This is an excellent background against which suitably qualified and motivated candidates can thrive. For those with the necessary abilities to negotiate with and manage a sophisticated client base, the rewards can be substantial.

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