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Development Chemist Jobs

Development Chemists are an essential part of product development for life science, personal care and consumer product companies. Their main role is to create new products designed for a specific purpose, working closely with the project development team to develop a product from start to finish. Depending on the role, they may also work with account managers and external clients (especially if the company provides product development and manufacturing).

Duties include developing ideas with the project team and attending meetings with key staff members from the finance and marketing departments to ensure the project is delivered on schedule and within budget, performing experiments and recording the outcomes, liaising with suppliers and scaling the product from concept to production level. Development Chemists may also be responsible for managing the technicians involved in product development, stability and quality assurance. They must also be aware of new materials, technologies and methods; keeping up-to-date with EU, national and international health and safety standards.

development chemist jobs

A degree in chemistry is essential for any candidate looking to work as a Development Chemist. Relevant product development experience may also be necessary. Knowledge of manufacturing processes may also be beneficial. As always, salaries will vary according to qualifications and experience.

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