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Working in a Laboratory can be an exciting and challenging career – find out why below.

Laboratory Jobs in the UK & Europe

Laboratory jobs can be an ideal career for those who enjoy a structured and scientifically orientated work environment. In deciding on a specific laboratory job, the candidate can consider both the type of industry they would like to work in and the level of seniority that can be achieved, considering their qualifications and experience.

Industry Sectors for Laboratory Jobs

Many people think of the medical industry when considering laboratory jobs. Both the public and private sector do have significant laboratory operations and conduct many procedures, such as tissue sample tests, blood works and various analyses. This is important and rewarding work and can make for an excellent career. There are, however, many other industries where laboratory work is vital. A related industry is the pharmaceutical sector. Here you could be involved in vital work with developing, testing and trialling drugs. In materials science, meanwhile, laboratory jobs are focused on testing the properties of various materials and assessing their suitability for various applications. You may also be involved in assessing why materials have failed in various circumstances. The food and beverage industry is another with a need for laboratory jobs. Here you can be involved in formulating products against specific criteria such as texture, taste, calorie or fat content. The environmental sector also has many laboratory jobs. Such labs may be testing the composition of soil, checking industrial effluents or looking at the chemistry of water. The Police Service also requires a forensic laboratory service to investigate physical evidence in criminal cases.

Different Types of Laboratory Jobs

There are many different types of job available in the laboratory. Which is suitable will depend on your level of experience and qualifications. Entry level jobs may include posts such as a Lab Support Assistant. There are many Lab Technician roles where you will be expected to take a more responsible role in the everyday work of the laboratory. A Laboratory Supervisor or Laboratory Team Leader role may be the first step towards a managerial career and perhaps a promotion to Laboratory Manager. There are of course many specialist roles in the lab. Depending on industry sector, a lab could be looking for a Medical Technologist, Manufacturing Technician or Forensic Immunochemist. 

With such a wide range of specialities and levels of seniority, this type of role can be an excellent choice for people with all sorts of backgrounds. It is also an exciting and rewarding workplace, often carrying out important work.

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