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A laboratory technician or lab tech is a skilled professional with science background who performs the practical, hands-on work in laboratories.

Laboratory technicians work in a variety of settings including: hospitals, commercial labs, health care facilities, R&D departments of major pharmaceutical companies, secondary and tertiary areas of the medical industry, research institutions, and educational facilities.

Laboratory technicians may be employed in a wide variety of fields including: medicine, forensics, biology, chemistry, electronics, geology and ecology.

Laboratory technicians have a minimum college diploma in laboratory technology. Many have degrees in chemistry, biology, geology, environmental sciences, electronic engineering, or other science pertaining to their specific area of laboratory investigation.

In the United Kingdom laboratory technicians need at least four GCSEs including science, maths and English. For some jobs employers may expect you to have relevant A levels or a degree.

The responsibilities of a lab tech vary widely with setting and job description. These may include:

·       conducting risk assessments

·       collecting samples

·       sample analysis

·       preparing solutions, or cultures

·       recording and sharing data

·       ordering and inventory of stock

·       safe disposal of chemicals and waste

·       keeping equipment in good order

·       setting up equipment for teaching

·       demonstration experiment set up

Since laboratory technicians usually work as part of a team, good cooperative and written and oral communication skills are required. Excellent organizational skills and interpersonal skills as well as a firm scientific background are vital.

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