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Microbiologists play an important role in life science companies since they study micro organisms responsible for infections. Their research helps create medicines to fight diseases; generating revenue and profits for the company. Microbiologists also play a vital role in environmental and agriculture companies, researching micro organisms which can infect livestock and crops, causing significant economic and environmental damage worldwide. The public sector also employs microbiologists in hospitals across the country.

The primary responsibility of a microbiologist is to study micro organisms in detail, carefully examining how they attack us and what methods can be used to help destroy them. The role may require travelling across sites to collect samples and assess their quality. They will use a range of scientific techniques to examine the samples, recording the methodology and results on databases. Microbiologists have a key role in creating new vaccines and medicines, helping to plan clinical trials with other staff members to develop products which will eventually enter the marketplace. They may also grow live cultures for the food industry and other products for the healthcare industry such as vitamins.

Candidates looking to work as a microbiologist should have a degree in biology or a related subject. Experience is beneficial. Salaries and benefits will vary from role to role.

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