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A pharmaceutical scientist is also referred to as a pharmaceutical technician or a pharmacy researcher. A pharmaceuticalscientist is a trained technician in a specific area of scientific research.

Pharmacists are highly trained to evaluate medications and their application and to communicate with clients and work with other health care providers. Pharmaceutical scientists are trained to discover, develop, test and manufacture new medications. 

Usually pharmaceutical scientists work in laboratories discovering, identifying and learning about how different compounds affect disease-causing cells and organisms. Pharmaceutical scientists alsodiscover how these substances they are studying interact with the human body. It is the serious task of the pharmaceutical scientist to provide the data that will defend or negate substances becoming new drugs.

Several UK schools offer certificate training programs for pharmaceutical scientists.Pharmaceutical scientists often have science-related degrees before completing certification as a pharmaceutical scientist.

 In their labs, pharmaceutical scientists administer potential new drugs to organisms, animals and/or humans to sure that the substance being tested is safe and effective for humans.

Pharmaceutical scientists also mass produce new drugs in quantities large enough for distribution.

Creating, testing and creating data about test results require pharmaceutical scientists to have good oral and written communication skills, be well organized and work well within a team.

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