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What are Scientific Sales Jobs?

Science, which derives from the Latin word “scientia” meaning “knowledge” in English, is a vast area. Science is a process that creates and develops knowledge in terms of provable explanations and hypotheses about the universe. A scientist is a person who practices science. The number of jobs in the field of science seem almost infinite, ranging from chemists to nuclear power reactor operators to meteorologists to environmental compliance inspectors.

The realm of science does not just employ people who carry out “scientific” jobs, however. For example, people employed in scientific sales jobs sell scientific products to organisations, firms and individuals working in science. Such products could be laboratory equipment for example but salespeople could also be involved in selling solutions and consumables. People working in scientific sales often have some kind of science background- for example a science-based university degree. This is because people working in science tend to feel more at ease purchasing equipment from those who also have some knowledge of their field. It is also a basic rule of sales that success is much more likely if you have a thorough knowledge of the product you are offering, the expectations of the person you are selling it to, and the industry in which you are making the sale.

People working in scientific sales still have to show sales-based skills and qualities such as excellent communication skills and a results-oriented approach to life, however. The most successful scientific sales people are self-starters with the ability to negotiate in a number of different contexts. Working in scientific sales also suits good listeners rather than those skilled in the “hard sell”. This is because organisations purchasing scientific products often have very specific needs and budgets, which will need to be taken into consideration in order to negotiate a sale successfully.

The pay for scientific sales jobs varies and normally depends on your expertise and scientific knowledge. Salary can also hinge on which area of science you know about if you have a science background, as some areas of science are more lucrative than others. How specialised the product you are selling is, can also play a role in deciding the final salary offered for a sales position. Typically, the more specialised the product, the better the pay. Scientific sales jobs can pay handsomely. For example, a scientific sales specialist can earn above £30,000 DOE and over £10,000 in bonuses on top of car, healthcare and other benefits.

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