After receiving a recommendation from a previous colleague, the CEO of Genedrive first contacted Kinetica with a niche, difficult to fill Executive Search assignment. Our results did the talking and quickly our recruitment for Genedrive extended to encompass various other positions.

As word of mouth spread about the great work we do, off the back of a referral, the CEO of Genedrive reached out to us for support in recruiting for a senior-level position which was proving to be a difficult hire. Our results did the talking and quickly our recruitment for Genedrive extended to encompass various other positions.

Our Partnership

Based in Manchester, Genedrive is a molecular diagnostics company that develops and commercialises a rapid, simple-to-use, molecular diagnostics platform which is being implemented in patient stratification and pathogen detection.

Whilst this is an exciting area of development, our client struggled to attract the talent required for such a niche and hard to fill leadership position. Genedrive soon realised that they would need to outsource their headhunting to industry specialists for the best possible results and that is where our partnership began.

So Why Choose Claire?

As a Science and Engineering graduate, Claire specialises in recruiting scientific, clinical, and engineering professionals into the Medical Device and Healthcare industry. With her extensive network of specialists, Claire was the perfect consultant to help Genedrive achieve their goals and fill those difficult positions.

Claire got to work understanding every detail of the roles available and was quickly able to identify the barriers which were preventing people from applying. Once this was established, using her global network, Claire created a shortlist of candidates who were most appropriate to the skills and attributes required to succeed in the role.

The Outcome

Sarah Barnett, Marketing Director at Genedrive is delighted to report that “a year on and the individual is still in place and is thriving”.

Through the successful placement of candidates in their longstanding partnership, Claire has solidified her position as a dependable and trustworthy consultant. Claire has maintained an amazing relationship to this day and is now the go-to consultant for Genedrive, who are looking forward to many more success stories to come.

“It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Claire on both occasions. It’s important to have a good understanding of our sector and build trust with the recruiter, along with clear and regular communication. This combination has made the process more efficient and allows me to continue working whilst Kinetica supports us in our ongoing recruitment activities.”

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