A specialist tailored solution that provides market mapping and candidate generation services at a fixed rate price across Life Science, MedTech and Healthcare sectors. 

Designed to solve your market mapping and candidate generation recruitment challenges, with you in mind.


Take Away the Pain Points in your Recruitment Process.

Quest is a specialist tailored service designed by Kinetica to take away the pain points in the recruitment process. As part of the service, we can work with internal recruitment teams or independently to provide marketing mapping and candidate generation services for those hard to fill roles at a fixed rate price.

This offering is perfect for clients who lack the time or resources for extensive market mapping and candidate generation, yet can internally manage the interview and offer stages. It enables you to divide the process into phases and pay solely for what you require.

We do the leg work so you don't have to!

Quest Explained

How Does it Work?

Our Quest service is broken down into two phases:

1. The Brief & Mapping Phase

2. The Approach

Based on your recruitment needs, you can either select the complete Quest service or opt for an individual phase. Both options are available at a fixed rate.

Quest Explained

Breakdown of the Quest Phases.

1. The Brief & Mapping Phase.

When embarking on a Quest assignment, our initial phase involves working closely with you to understand the role requirements and the ideal candidate profile.

Once armed with this comprehensive insight, we embark on an in-depth market analysis, crafting an extensive longlist of potential candidates that align with the role.

2. The Approach.

The second phase of Quest entails approaching each candidate on the longlist, engaging them in the process, and evaluating their suitability for the position through thorough interviews.

Upon completion of our meticulous and rigorous vetting stage, you will receive a shortlist of qualified candidates.

Client Testimonial

Recommendation for Tom
Tom is very professional and understands our needs. He found very good candidates even for challenging positions!
Sophie Humbert COO - LimFlow
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