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Our mission is simple: to provide expert recruitment support to both clients and candidates to unearth the solutions that will shape our world. We have developed an exceptional reputation and record of placing high-quality candidates within innovative SME’s and leading global companies. Our reach spreads across Europe, Asia, and North and South America, and we are ready to find talent solutions to the seemingly impossible.

Contract manufacturing has proven vital for businesses worldwide, giving them access to specialised expertise, as well as the flexibility to scale production, improve quality control standards, and reduce costs. At Kinetica, we are committed to ensuring organisations have access to high-quality talent to drive the growth of the contract manufacturing industry.

We provide contract manufacturing professionals across a wide range of complex OEM markets, including:

  • Food and beverage
  • Medical devices
  • Chemicals
  • Aerospace
  • Pharmaceuticals

We specialise in placing mid to senior & C-Suite level candidates within the above OEM markets, across the following functions: manufacturing, engineering, quality, R&D, sales, marketing, and HR roles.

At Kinetica, our specialist contact manufacturing recruitment team is dedicated to ensuring you have the right people and teams in place to make your mark on the world. Our highly effective recruitment strategies, combined with our deep knowledge of the contract manufacturing industries, means we are uniquely positioned to support you in building teams that will revolutionise your businesses.  


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Bespoke Solutions to Transform Contract Manufacturing Recruitment.

Our contract manufacturing recruitment team is ready to offer your business market-leading solutions to overcome your recruitment challenges in what is an uber-competitive market. Our services are tailored towards you and your unique requirements, and we are committed to finding exceptional talent you need to revolutionise your business. 

We come equipped with vast networks of candidates and unrivalled knowledge of the contract manufacturing sector, enabling us to connect you with talent that matches your core values and culture and will help transform your business. 

Our team works closely with you to fully understand your talent requirements, streamline your recruitment processes, and achieve results beyond what you thought was possible. We place graduates to executive-level candidates looking to make their next step into an exciting career journey. So get ready to overcome your seemingly impossible recruitment challenges and maximise your success. 

Our Services

Discover our Recruitment Services.

Our contract manufacturing recruitment experts are ready to provide you with a selection of services that will alleviate your recruitment challenges and find the talent you need to power your business. Discover our service below and find the one suited to your business needs. 

Executive Search

At Kinetica, we conduct Executive Search assignments to help you source senior level & C-suite top-tier talent. Leveraging our extensive network, we identify and headhunt highly sought-after professionals that perfectly fit your requirements. 

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Growth Acceleration Strategy

We specialise in collaborating with both SME's and large multinationals to unlock their full growth potential. We work with you to define, determine and execute a talent strategy to ensure your organisation is equipped with the right team to ensure success.

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Quest is a specialist-tailored service designed by Kinetica to take away the pain points in the recruitment process. As part of the service, we can work with internal recruitment teams or independently to provide marketing mapping and candidate generation services for those hard-to-fill roles at a fixed rate price.

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Connecting Talent to the Latest Contract Manufacturing Jobs.

Want to take the next step in transforming your career but need help to begin your job search? Don’t worry; our dedicated contract manufacturing recruitment team is here to support you. We specialise in sourcing candidates that operate in all phases of the contract manufacturing process, including: 

  • Electronics engineering
  • Sterilisation services
  • Precisions engineering 
  • Assembly, packaging, and labelling
  • Injection moulding

So, whether you are a seasoned executive or a graduate at the start of your career ladder, we have vast experience connecting talented candidates like you to leading businesses worldwide. 

Our committed team offers bespoke support, extensive industry knowledge, and a passion for making the impossible possible. We are passionate about matching you with businesses that align with your values and are the right place to transform your career. Speak to the team today, and let’s begin your job search journey together. 

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