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Addressing Recruitment Frustrations: A Call for Better Communication and Service


Over the last 17 years, I’ve come across both candidates and clients who have had a ba...

Over the last 17 years, I’ve come across both candidates and clients who have had a bad experience with a recruitment agency and as a result have developed a dislike for members of our occupation. Within any profession, you get the good, the bad and the ugly and unfortunately, it’s the bad experience that tends to leave the biggest impact. As someone who is passionate about changing people’s impression of recruitment, I asked myself: “What is that people don’t like?”

With 92% of candidates reporting a bad experience job hunting, I ran a poll on LinkedIn to uncover what the real issues are in recruitment and to uncover what we need to do better in order to ensure our candidates receive the best possible service.

We asked our audience: What is your biggest frustration when working with a recruitment consultant or agency and the biggest issue by far was communication with 45% of recruiters not returning calls. This was followed by: being contacted about irrelevant opportunities at 26%, over promising/ underdelivering at 15% and being too pushy at 13%. 

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Agency recruitment can be a tremendously difficult job. We constantly keep oodles of plates spinning and really have to juggle our time to ensure we are effective at what we do. But that is no excuse for lousy communication. It’s imperative that we represent ourselves, our agency and most importantly our clients and candidates in the right manner. You should never be too busy to return calls and you should prioritise doing the best possible job you can; whilst doing what’s best for both your client and candidate. 

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