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Embracing a Holistic Wellness Revolution: Unveiling the 2024 Supplement Trends

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The prioritisation of holistic wellness is growing as more consumers realise the import...

The prioritisation of holistic wellness is growing as more consumers realise the importance of both physical and mental wellness to truly feel their best. Wanting to “feel well” is the number one driver globally for consumers to seek a healthier lifestyle, and with the US accounting for over one-third of the $183 million global supplement market, the pursuit of holistic health has emerged as a guiding principle for many. 

Let's delve into the dynamic world of supplements and explore the latest trends shaping 2024.

Global Supplement Market, Select Countries and Regions


2023 est. sales ($ mil)

2026 est. sales ($ mil)

United States






Western Europe



Latin America 






Source: NBJ, Global Supplement Business Report, 2023

Supplement Trends - 2024

1. Botanicals

The transition towards holistic wellness is also marked by a resurgence in traditional, natural remedies such as botanicals, which are perceived as safer alternatives with minimal risk of adverse effects. A significant portion (48%) of US consumers believe in the effectiveness of botanical ingredients, with approximately one in three expressing interest in botanicals for enhancing mood and mental well-being.

Botanical categories experiencing rapid growth include adaptogenic herbs (such as ashwagandha, rhodiola, and ginseng) and mushrooms (such as lion's mane, cordyceps, and reishi), historically recognised for their ability to help the body adapt to stress. New supplement releases containing these ingredients are positioned to provide support for sleep, equilibrium, mental clarity, energy, and even immune function.

2. Mood, Stress, and Mental Wellbeing

Another prominent trend in supplements is the heightened emphasis on mental well-being. Brain-mood health stands as the second most prevalent claim globally (after immune health) among supplement launches in the past five years, featured in slightly over a quarter of new supplement products. In the United States and Western Europe, claims related to brain-mood health constituted approximately a third of supplement launches in the 12-month period ending March 2023.

Particularly, younger generations are showing a significant focus on mental well-being. About 30% of Millennial and Gen Z consumers express a dedication to a healthier lifestyle due to concerns about their mental health, surpassing the percentages of Gen X (27%) and Baby Boomers (23%) exhibiting similar concerns.

Moreover, over the past year, a staggering 93% of consumers globally have taken steps to enhance their mental and emotional well-being. These actions range from increased exercise (34%) to dietary and nutritional adjustments (28%) to the incorporation of supplements (24%).

3. Energy 

Nearly half of the recent supplement launches that assert brain-mood health claims also incorporate claims related to energy and stamina, highlighting a significant intersection between the two. Energy and stamina claims constitute 29% of supplement claims in recent launches in North America (with comparable rates in Europe), positioning it as the third most prevalent claim.

Gummies have emerged as a favoured format for new energy supplements, providing a convenient and enjoyable means to attain an energy boost whenever and wherever necessary. While B vitamins typically form the core of energy supplement formulations, herbs like ginseng and natural sources of caffeine such as guarana are also commonly included. Globally, one in four supplement users is leveraging supplements to enhance energy levels, with Millennials exhibiting a heightened interest in this category.

4. Skin Health 

Another emerging domain in the supplement industry is the realm of products targeting healthy skin, witnessing a notable global compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 23% over the past five years. Skin health claims feature prominently, representing nearly one in three of all claims in recent launches in North America, over one in four in Eastern Europe, and approximately one in five in both Western Europe and Asia.

Among the ingredients utilised in new skin health supplements, vitamin C emerges as the most prevalent, followed closely by vitamin B7 (biotin). Additionally, magnesium, vitamin E, and other B vitamins hold significant presence in these formulations. Furthermore, there is a notable expansion in flavour options. Lemon, once dominant, has now been overtaken by orange as the leading flavour in new launches. Meanwhile, flavours like strawberry, red raspberry, and peach are steadily gaining traction.

Top Flavours for Skin Health Supplements


% of 2017 launches

% of 2021 launches










Red Raspberry






Source: Innova Market Insights, Supplements: Focusing on Skin Health, October 2022 

5. Female-Focused

The sector of female health and wellness supplements, particularly those tailored to specific life-stage requirements, is witnessing a burgeoning trend with vast potential. Globally, there has been notable growth in supplements featuring claims related to women's health (with a Compound Annual Growth Rate - CAGR of +16.4%) and pregnancy/breastfeeding (CAGR +19.8%) over the past five years.

Supplements designed for menstruation, maternal health, and menopause are addressing critical needs by providing essential nutrients such as iron and calcium, along with symptom relief. Many of the newer supplements targeting women's health also incorporate ingredients aimed at enhancing mood, supporting better sleep, and reducing inflammation. Given that women utilise a diverse range of supplements for various health purpose including iron, royal jelly, vitamin E, mushroom extract, collagen, green tea extract, and protein, with formulations featuring blends of ingredients for holistic support hold significant promise in delivering tangible benefits.


As the demand for holistic wellness among consumers continues to rise, brands that prioritise novel positioning strategies and formulation innovations will be well-equipped to meet these evolving needs. By embracing personalised nutrition, plant-powered formulations, and a mind-body integration ethos, we can harness the transformative power of supplements to nurture our well-being comprehensively. 

As we embark on the path to holistic wellness, let us embrace the 2024 supplement trends as catalysts for a healthier, more vibrant future.

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