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Temporary Recruitment: Projects Without the Recruitment Hassle

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For short-term projects hiring your team on temporary employment contracts can be a hugely b...

For short-term projects hiring your team on temporary employment contracts can be a hugely beneficial option. It allows you to respond quickly to business demands and can be crucial during times of change, such the COVID pandemic. 

In 2021, our Associate Director Jason Hines worked with one of the leading manufacturers of the COVID-19 vaccine, to source over 40 people within 24 hours. Below, Jason outlines the top 5 reasons why employing staff on a temporary contract could provide a solution to your recruitment challenges. 

Reason 1: You’re in control. Temporary contracts offer flexibility for both employer and employee. You set the parameters, deciding headcount requirements and the duration of the contract throughout the project’s lifecycle. It offers efficiency and effectiveness.

Reason 2: The right fit at the right time. Working with us takes the stress out of the recruitment process. You tell us what you need and we make it happen. Our focussed temp database enables us to quickly access talent and match them to your business needs.

Reason 3: Specific skills. Your candidates are going to need a specific skill set, whether that’s laboratory, manufacturing, or commercial.  Having worked within the Life Science sector for more than 20 years I have an exceptional network of candidates skilled in all areas.

Reason 4: Your time. Hiring temporary workers is a quicker way to recruit. We coordinate the interviews, the checks, and the payroll, to free up your time to focus on achieving your business goals. 

Reason 5: Fresh thinking. Temporary staff bring new and valuable skills to the workplace. They can also give you a new perspective on existing processes and bring innovation, which could be invaluable for the development of your project.

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