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World Religion Day: Igniting Diversity & Inclusion within Kinetica


The 21st January is an important day in the annual calendar as it marks World Religion Day. ...


The 21st January is an important day in the annual calendar as it marks World Religion Day. World Religion Day is a globally observed event that promotes interfaith understanding and harmony; aiming to foster appreciation for the diversity of world religions and their common principles. Founded by the Bahá'í Faith in 1950, World Religion Day encourages people to explore shared values, build bridges between different faiths, and work towards a more unified and peaceful world. 

This day serves not just as a reminder of the importance of religious tolerance, but also the significance of creating a harmonious coexistence among people of various beliefs. Acknowledging World Religion Day is pivotal to our employees at Kinetica, as we continue to strive to be a best in class diverse and inclusive business. We recognise the importance of celebrating our differences and ensuring we provide a supportive culture for everyone regardless of their beliefs.

As a business we have established a Diversity & Inclusion Committee to guarantee we adhere to best practices both internally and externally and last week we hosted our first meeting of the year to discuss and set our goals for 2024. 

Last year, as a committee we laid excellent groundwork establishing exactly what D&I meant to us and implementing brand new policies, procedures and compliance training to ensure discrimination does not occur both externally and internally. We also champion gender equality with no gender pay gap and women in leadership positions. 

This year, we want to take things to the next level with in depth diversity and inclusion training course for all our employees provided by an external trainer. This will help us to create a safe and inclusive environment for everyone at work. We also plan to create a mission statement on our culture and D&I stance for prospective employees to demonstrate the behaviour we want to model amongst our employees.

It is an exciting year for us as we truly dig deep into Diversity & Inclusion and see how this can contribute to creating a safer, happier, supportive and all-inclusive working environment. In our opinion this will only help to foster and build on the accepting and flexible culture we have created at Kinetica, truly allowing it to grow and develop into something unique.


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